What Happens When You Get In Shape.


The thought of getting into shape can be a bit scary, but when you do these 10 things will happen.

(1) You start to see muscles that you never knew existed.

…which means you’ll flex every.single.day.

What Happens When You Get In Shape

It’s pretty obvious— the more you work out, the more muscle definition you’ll see. Go ahead and flaunt it, gurllll.

(2) You drink a lot of water so you’re hunting for the bathroom a lot.


What Happens When You Get In Shape

Drinking water has a ton of benefits such as: flushing out toxins, helping with fatigue, speeding up your metabolism and much more. But how much should you drink?

4th grade math session real quick: total body weight / 2 = # of total ounces to drink per day

But really, even though finding a bathroom everywhere you go can get annoying, it’s worth it so drink your water!

(3) Your laundry basket is always full.

….unless you own an endless amount of workout clothes.


When you workout all the time, you sweat A LOT. So naturally you have piles of gym clothes that are awaiting to be cleaned.

(4) You live in your workout clothes.


Not only do you wear your gym clothes to workout, you wear them everywhere. But that’s okay because it seems to be a trend lately (at least you actually workout!)

(5) You have to buy new clothes.

Did someone say shopping spree?!?!?!


As your body changes, you’ll find that clothes that fit you before don’t fit great anymore.

(6) You sleep better.


Unless you have a PITA animal to deal with.

But really, many studies have shown that a daily dose of physical activity can help you sleep better at night.

(7) …..Which makes you happier.


(8) You’re brain starts to function better.

Daily exercise results in an increased blood flow which benefits the brain. So naturally….


(9) You focus less on the number on the scale.

You know that muscle weighs more than fat so who the hell cares as long as you are healthy and happy.


(10) You learn to love every bit of your body.

Hopefully these can provide some more motivation to stay strong and keep chugging along.

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Q: How do you stay motivated?

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