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So Much Love for OrangeTheory Fitness.

Back when I started my journey, I sunk a lot of money $$$$ into a personal trainer but wasn’t seeing results. Total downer. Working my butt off and nothing. I had heard so much hype about OrangeTheory Fitness and figured it’s worth a shot. With the first class being free, I  ...

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Why Having Short-Term Goals Works Best.

As humans, we are notorious for starting projects that we never finish. We set these unrealistic goals and once we start trekking along, we see how far we really have to go and back off. We realize that it is much easier to stop and turn around than continue. Or we set a very lengthly goal: New  ...

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How to Stay Motivated.

OK. It’s time to talk about motivation. {via Pinterest} I’ll be 100% honest with you: staying motivated isn’t always easy. Even the best of us struggle with it. The key is to find what works specifically for you; we are all so different. There are days I wake up sore, tired,  ...

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The Work is Worth It.

Probably 5634232. The number of times I’ve talked about how much I love Orange Theory Fitness. About 8. The number of months that I’ve been on this phenomenal journey. And 78. How many pounds I’ve lost in the process. And today, I’m sharing it all with you. No matter the  ...

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