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My Favorite Dairy-Free Creamers.

One of the best decisions I made almost 2 years ago was to remove caffeine from my daily intake. At the end of the day caffeine isn’t really needed for the bodyโ€” queue those people that will defend this with everything they have. Most peopleย insist that they need caffeine to function each  ...

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The Best Day, Ever

Photography: Tawandaย Fayeย ๐Ÿ“ท Yesterdayย markedย one month of marriage. To celebrate, I made theseย cupcakes and I’m sharing some of my favorite wedding photos with you. October 9, 2015. After a morning ofย hair and makeup, it was time to get ready. After the pictures, walking down the aisle  ...

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First Post: Welcome!

Hi hi! Thanks for stopping by my little area of the interwebs! Am I talking to myself? Probably. But, I’ve got to start somewhere, right? via Pinterest If the name isn’t obvious enough, I’m addicted to the kitchen. It’s where I feel the most comfortable and my creative  ...

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