Run Lift Eat Repeat

What Happens When You Get In Shape.


The thought of getting into shape can be a bit scary, but when you do these 10 things will happen.

(1) You start to see muscles that you never knew existed.

…which means you’ll flex

What Happens When You Get In Shape

It’s pretty obvious— the more you work out, the more muscle definition you’ll see. Go ahead and flaunt it, gurllll.

(2) You drink a lot of water so you’re hunting for the bathroom a lot.


What Happens When You Get In Shape

Drinking water has a ton of benefits such as: flushing out toxins, helping with fatigue, speeding up your metabolism and much more. But how much should you drink?

4th grade math session real quick: total body weight / 2 = # of total ounces to drink per day

But really, even though finding a bathroom …

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Making Our House Feel Like a Home.

Real Life

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it’s advertiser. All opinions are mine. #GladeHolidayJoy #CollectiveBias Life has been a daze lately. Buying our house completely snuck up on me this year— the building process was a breeze with a few minor hiccups, but everything after the close has been a lot. But I’m trying to enjoy every single moment of it rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. This house isn’t just a house, it’s our first home. But I’d  ...

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What Are You Grateful For?

Real Life

It’s been a year of complete change, a month of deep uncertainty in our country, and the time of year when most find reasons to be grateful. As I sit here, a few days before the big Thanksgiving feast, I want to remind you to always be grateful— not just during the holiday season. During this time of year, we tend to focus so much on pleasing others that we forget about what’s most important. Did I bake enough cookies? What do I need on my grocery list for 12 people? How do I  ...

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Healthy Roasted Creamy Green Bean Casserole

Dinner, Healthy Options

Creamy, comforting, flavorful green bean casserole made completely from scratch using only fresh ingredients. The perfect side disk for Thanksgiving! How did we get here? Seriously. Less than a week away from Thanksgiving. We’re basically into the holiday season— some towns have even done tree lightings already !!!— and that my friends is a bit scary because I have put zero thought into the holidays… until now. So let’s jump on the Thanksgiving train and pull together a  ...

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