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Roasted Green Bean Casserole from Scratch.


Enjoy this creamy, comforting green bean casserole made completely from scratch. And you’d never know that it’s dairy free!

Enjoy this creamy, comforting green bean casserole made completely from scratch. And you'd never know that it's dairy free! Find the recipe at!

Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK (omg). But really, how did we get here? I feel like just yesterday it was summer and 90°F. We’re basically into the holiday season and that scares me a bit since I’m just now starting to think about what to make.

I personally can’t remember a single holiday season without side dishes taking over the entire table — everything from mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, glazed carrots, salad, and good ol’ green bean casserole. You know, the kind made from condensed soup and topped with those greasy fried onion strips.


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Why I Need Fitness.


In 2015 I hit my lowest point. It was then that I realized how depressed I actually was. I was 27, about to marry the man of my dreams and had the world at my fingertips but felt like none of it mattered. Sitting here looking back, the depression started in the later years of middle school— between being bullied at school, having a dead-beat dad, a not-so-great relationship (if any) with a sibling— and it never really went away. It’s important to understand that as humans it’s  ...

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Daily Eats.

Daily Eats

Over the past few weeks I had taken a short break from blogging to remind myself why I started this little space on the internet. While I still posted on IG—runlifteatrepeatblog (follow me over there!) — I held off posting here because I wasn’t all there. But I’m back and refreshed! Workout — OTF (670 cals active / 806 cals total) Breakfast — bulletproof tea (brewed hot tea), 1-2 scoops collagen peptides, 1 scoop vanilla plant protein, coconut oil, honey, and unsweetened almond  ...

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Whole Wheat Mini Pumpkin Muffins.

Breads + Muffins, Breakfast, Snacks

 Made with whole wheat flour, zero refined sugar and dairy-free! Oh hey! It’s nice to be back— I took a little bit of a break but I’m back and refreshed! I’ll get more into why in a few days. Before we chat about these muffins, I want to take a second to offer my thoughts, prayers and hope to everyone in Florida affected by the hurricane. While we’re getting hit with a tropical storm here, it’s not nearly what Florida has endured. My heart pours out to each of  ...

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